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We're a global IT Solutions company focused on the development and implementation of “as a service” and cloud platforms and products. Abhra has a proven track record as innovators and adaptors of cloud technology and helping clients realize the value from the cloud.

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Our Success Stories

Credentialing System

Abhra along with their innovative startup client, Covenant Technology group built the first truly cloud “Credentialing System”.

Voice of Customers
Great Job !!!

       In a lot of way I believe that there are no words to express what a truly cool thing you have done with the Bluetooth stethoscope project but I wanted to take a few minutes and recognize the amazing work you have done. GREAT JOB!!! My team here knows the pressure I have been under to make this happen and they also seen me work as hard as I ever have to buy time, to allow you the time you needed to make magic. And you delivered. Pure magic.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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