6 Key Takeaways from Knowledge18

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June 25, 2018
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This year’s Knowledge18 held in Las Vegas from May 7th-10thwas the largest ServiceNow® conference to date, with over 18,000 registered attendees! If you attended, we hope you had a blast and went away with exciting knowledge and ideas for the future. We know we did.

Here are6 key takeaways from this year’s conference.

  1. Human-Centric – Works for You

At the event, the new ServiceNow® logo and slogan were unveiled with the new slogan Works for You embodying what ServiceNow® is all about. As part of his keynote speech, John Donahoe, CEO of ServiceNow® emphasized the human-centric approach of ServiceNow® and how the platform can make work, work better for people thus empowering business transformation instead of merely running businesses. The true value comes from using the technology to improve processes and aid people to work better, not simply upgrading legacy technology with the latest thing.

  1. Great Experiences

ServiceNow® drove home the point that great experience is the goal, in the Era of Great Experiences keynote speeches. It continues to strive towards consumerising the employee experience. By improving the digital experience for employees, they are able to work more efficiently in a manner that is enjoyable and inclusive. This also drives more value for the organization as well as individual employees.

  1. Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center is an exciting new feature which enables customers to better understand the value of ServiceNow® for different aspects of their business. You can take a look at it here. It is steadily growing as content continues to be added on best practices.  It also incorporates a value calculator for a more tangible look at the impact of ServiceNow® and the value it provides.

  1. Flow Designer and Integration Hub

The Flow Designer and Integration Hub are exciting new features that enable building workflows with no code or very minimal coding. Enjoy the ability to build workflows across the enterprise with minimal to no coding.

Some of the advantages of the Integration Hub are as follows:

  • Non-technical users can more easily understand inputs, outputs, triggers, and actions thanks to the provision of natural language descriptions of integration logic.
  • As the Integration Hub extends Flow Designer content, it facilitates the integration of business processes with external systems.
  • Collaborative possibilities are widened and business process automation is promoted as subject matter experts can easily develop and share spokes with flow designers.
  1. Automation

Automation is an important aspect of ServiceNow®. By automating repetitive low-value tasks and connecting different areas across the enterprise, employees are freed up to focus on more strategic work. Automation is here to support employees and is not to be feared. Machine learning and AI play a role in enhancing such automation.

  1. London is Next

In the upcoming London release, a Virtual Agent will enhance the usability of ServiceNow® and aid employees both on-site and remotely. It has a conversational, rich interface that makes it a lot easier to get things done, all within the Agent Workspace. Quick and convenient, this is definitely something to look forward to.

If you missed Knowledge18, not to worry, there’s always next year and you can watch videos of the keynote speeches here.

While ServiceNow® is a technical platform that is always incorporating exciting new technology such as AI and mobility to change how work gets done, remember that the goal is to enable people to work better. Not simply to have the latest tech at your fingertips.

ServiceNow® is constantly evolving and we look forward to helping you on your cloud journey.

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