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April 4, 2019
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ServiceNow is a powerful cloud platform that provides a plethora of capabilities enabling organizations to work in a more streamlined fashion. While ITSM is one of the most popular applications of ServiceNow, ITOM is also of increasing importance. In the latest London release, many new features and capabilities were unveiled for the various modules of ServiceNow.

Let’s take a look at new ITOM capabilities in ServiceNow London that improve service visibility, service health and optimization.

Discovery of Kubernetes Clusters

Many new applications and micro-services run in containers today. They pose two main challenges from – discovering container clusters, and managing health of services that use containers.

In the London release, you can automatically discover Kubernetes clusters and all the deployed components that are running on physical, virtual or cloud resources. A dependency view provides even more visibility and better health management with details. You have total visibility and can see nodes, services and even containers that support this environment.

In essence, you can now discover the previously undiscoverable – Kubernetes clusters. In addition, the CMDB is updated when discovery jobs run. You can use CMDB query builder to find discovered CIs such as Kubernetes clusters, pods etc. that use docker containers. This ensures that the CMDB is fully synchronized.

When it comes to managing the health of services that use containers, event management manages them into events. The present features include getting events from Kubernetes as well. They then get triaged into alerts and issues, and a dashboard clearly displays new alerts in real-time. This clear visibility lets you see alerts that impact services using containers. You can then drill down into the service through a service map that leads to the root cause. The map also allows you to take the correct remediation action to remedy the issue and get the service back up.

This capability is available on ServiceNow store and you can download it and utilize it, even with earlier releases such as Jakarta.

Discovery on Multi-Cloud Environments

It is possible to discover all IT resources running on multi-cloud environments such as Azure, Adobe ColdFusion, AWS Application Gateway and AWS Lambda. This greatly improves the ability to track changes and incidents in these cloud environments. An added bonus is that configuration data about these services and resources is synchronized with the CMDB.

Enhanced Capabilities with Alert Intelligence

New ITOM capabilities include faster root cause analysis and remediation, thanks to improved alerts and alert intelligence. The revamped version offers a better user experience with visualization of changes to analyze alerts and take remediation actions in a single workspace. This workspace facilitates faster root cause analysis by using machine learning to pinpoint the root cause of an event. Faster identification of the root cause helps drive resolution, especially by recognizing patterns from similar issues. This feature has limited access in the London release of ServiceNow.

Improved Alert Management

An improved rule designer allows faster creation of alert rules and automatic actions. It helps manage rule definitions and define alert conditions. You can also set remediation actions through the Flow Designer, Integration Hub and other external applications. This improved rule designer is a replacement for the Alert Action Rules feature. It offers a better user experience which ultimately boosts resolution speed for CIs (Configuration Items) that have been affected.

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