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January 4, 2019
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Think of your configuration management database (CMDB) as the neural center of your IT processes and components. It is your one-stop spot for managing, gathering, and linking data on everything from a major process to minute details about personnel, hardware, and software.

This means that a well-implemented CMDB can be the powerhouse that you need to manage risk, change, and incidents properly. Mismanagement of the CMDB can lead to losses in money, efficiency, and time. The accuracy of your CMDB is, therefore, paramount.


What Makes for an Accurate CMDB?

An accurate CMDB can give you a holistic view of your IT system, and relationships and dependencies within it. This transparency is a boon when it comes to configuration management, service impact analysis, and compliance.

System management, upgrades, and problem-solving can only be done when you are fully aware of all the IT assets in the environment, and have access to up-to-date configuration data. Building a CMDB that is tailor-made for your particular company is the best way to achieve this. A ServiceNow implementation, for example, helps the CMBD become service-aware, consolidates disparate management systems, and offers simple visualization of complex data.

With a CMDB that is designed to help you easily understand dependencies, and track the performance of every CI, you can make better decisions, build better business services, and make accurate predictions that will help you troubleshoot in advance.


CMDB Accuracy Gives You Better Security

With a well-functioning CMDB, you will be able to run internal audits of your IT environment, which allows you to double and triple check your risk management and compliance. As you scale, the functionality of your CMDB can scale with you, giving clearer and deeper visibility of every component and process in your interconnected systems. It can also offer flexibility when it comes to devices, so that employees can log in and out of the system as their workflow demands.


How to Maintain an Accurate CMDB

A CMDB is only as accurate as the data that it contains. And, unfortunately, the process of entering data into the database can be rife with problems.

Everything from classification to maintenance of information has to be 100% accurate, to ensure that the CMDB functions perfectly, and contains a correct historical record. Without this, in the event of a device shutdown, there would be no way for the technician to figure out how to tweak the workflow so it resumes functioning quickly.

Many IT companies go through the chaos of suddenly have too many CIs. This comes from building a CMDB without full understanding of why you need it, and then realizing that every department has much more data than you expected, and they all want access to the CMDB in order to maintain it. What this results in is a database that cannot be efficient, because it is drowning in too much disorganized data.

This is why it is important to make your CMDB work for you. Asset management and discovery tools help in this process, by giving you easy ways to manage your equipment, services, and resources. Tools that can help you quickly assess the current state of the database are the best way to maintain accuracy. Track the performance of your CMDB as it tracks the performance of your technology, so that you never have to deal with a confusing debris of disconnected elements, floating within your complex IT environment. An accurate CMDB is a powerful single source of truth that can be leveraged across your entire organization.

A ServiceNow implementation can help you leverage the power of your CMDB and convert it into measurable ROI. It can consolidate your processes into a simple cloud-based platform with an easy to use interface and crystal-clear data visualizations. It’s almost a no-brainer to choose to drive the improvement of your CMDB usage through an automated solution like ServiceNow.

If you want to harness the power of the CMDB and don’t know how, reach out to us. We at abhra Inc are skilled in CMDB implementation, healing unhealthy CMDBs, and are also ServiceNow implementation experts. As your company grows, we can help you keep your CMDB accurate and all your data well-categorized and easily understandable.

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