Elevate Your Organization with ServiceNow® – 4 Common Problems It Overcomes

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June 6, 2018
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June 30, 2018

In today’s competitive business world, organizations need to stay one step ahead. Improved IT solutions that improve efficiency and lower costs are paramount to doing so. The past era of on-premise legacy solutions poses a number of problems that hinder organizations from performing optimally. Many of these problems are nearly universal, affecting businesses across a range of verticals. ServiceNow® enables organizations to overcome these common difficulties so they can function more efficiently with significant cost savings, leveraging the power of the cloud platform.

Let’s take a look at some of the problems ServiceNow® can overcome:

ITSM Issues

IT serves as the backbone that supports an organization and its operations. Lack of a quality solution can lead to an inefficient ITSM (IT Service Management) system that is expensive and slows down your business. Lack of transparency can affect strategic decision-making and the agility and responsiveness of your organization. ServiceNow® remedies these issues through a self-service portal and ticketing system that reduces the burden of the IT desk by 60%. Your IT desk will no longer struggle to wade through a flood of emails and phone calls. Employees raising requests will be served faster.

Lack of Efficiency

Efficiency is a watchword for the success of any organization. In many organizations, employees have to perform a lot of routine tasks that are tedious and time-consuming. Through automation of routine tasks, ServiceNow® ensures that efficiency increases. With ServiceNow®, team capacity increases by 20% overall. In addition, service outages and unplanned downtime also affect operational efficiency. With a cloud solution such as ServiceNow®, downtime is minimized and service outages are unlikely. This boosts efficiency in your organization.

Disjointed Processes & Workflows

In the current business environment, work needs to take place smoothly across teams, locations, systems and departments. However, in practice, disjointed processes and fragmented systems that do not talk to each other make delays and bottlenecks inevitable. These shortcomings hinder efficiency and collaborative abilities in an organization. Departmental silos are no good when it comes to gearing up efficiency in your organization. They can be a blind spot that lead to further complexities and problems. ServiceNow® enables streamlined transparent workflows across your organization.

Difficult User Experience

It might not seem evident at first, but an enjoyable user experience can improve efficiency and the quality of work. In many organizations, users struggle with disparate systems to get IT requests fulfilled. The same is true for tasks that require communication across departments. In addition, when a large amount of time is spent on mundane tasks, this negatively impacts efficiency and productivity. ServiceNow® overcomes this issue through a consumerized user experience that is user-friendly and intuitive.

ServiceNow® is all about keeping it simple. When things are simple – a single cloud platform solution, a single system and interface for users, then work flows more smoothly.

More than 4000 organizations across the world use ServiceNow® to overcome these common problems and drive transformation in their organizations. ServiceNow® can modernize your IT infrastructure and simplify how you work while providing big savings, transparency, increased efficiency and productivity gains. Is it time for your organization to step onto the cloud?

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