How ServiceNow London is Improving Customer Service Management (CSM) and HR

ITSM Enhancements with London
February 28, 2019
New GRC Features in ServiceNow London
March 13, 2019

ServiceNow is a state-of-the art cloud platform that constantly improves and evolves with new releases every year. Traditionally, ServiceNow is thought of as an ITSM and ITOM powerhouse. However, it is driving significant business improvements with its other offerings for GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance), SAM (Software Asset Management), and even CSM (Customer Service Management) and HR (Human Resources).

Customer Service Management – Major Issue Management

ServiceNow helps organizations with the task of Customer Service Management. One of the noteworthy new features London release is Major Issue Management. Being able to manage a critical issue across a large number of customers is a huge challenge for many organizations.

There are 3 reasons Major Issue Management is a challenge. Firstly, there is no clear visibility regarding customer impact of critical issues – which customers have been affected, and the range of the issue. Secondly, organizations struggle to manage issues affecting multiple customers, particularly when the number of customers is huge. Lastly, it is hard to update the customers who have been affected by a major issue – communication is often manual and inconsistent, which is unfeasible when hundreds or even thousands of customers are affected.

ServiceNow has made it a manageable task for organizations to manage major issues. A dashboard shows a clear trend line of cases being submitted. When multiple cases are being submitted, you can make one of them a major case. This retains a link to the original case as a child case. The next step is to build a recipients list of customers who all meet particular criteria, under Affected Customer. After the list is built, it can be connected to the major case and voilà, you can manage a major issue across multiple customers. Creating child cases, allows you to maintain an individual set of records. You can manage the issue as a single case in ServiceNow. For instance, changing priority would update all the child cases at the same time. Any updates or resolutions posted on the major case will be cascaded down to all child cases.

Major Issue Management helps Customer Service teams:

  • Clearly identify impacted customers and proactively create cases.
  • Manage and resolve issues across multiple customers from the major case.
  • Improve efficiency by centralizing communications and updating all impacted customers in one go.

In short, it helps organizations tackle critical customer issues before they snowball out of control.

HR – Employee Document Management

HR often struggles to manage employee documents in an efficient, secure and compliant manner. Typical employee documents that HR has to manage include college transcripts, certificates, disciplinary notices and so on. While HR faces challenges managing employee documents, employees face challenges accessing their documents.

Organizations spend significant time managing employee documents and ServiceNow makes this task easier and more efficient. A HR employee can login as a HR admin and manage employee documents based on document type. It is possible to set read or write access for employee user groups and control whether an employee has access to files of a particular type. Additional controls, allow specifications on whether to purge specific documents after a certain duration, or whether to retain them indefinitely. It is also possible to segment retention policies by geography, which is highly useful for organizations with multiple office locations. It is possible to modify the security policy to notify members of the HR team before documents are purged. A Legal Hold can be set for an individual user or document type. This prevents the purging of documents during ongoing investigations and legal activity. ServiceNow gives HR total control and visibility of employee documents.

When employees need to access their documents, they can login to the Employee Service Center. A documents widget under the employee’s profile, allows the user to preview or download files as required.

ServiceNow empowers HR professionals with the ease of electronically managing employee documents from hire to retire, while employees enjoy how easy it is to access their files. ServiceNow enables the following benefits:

  • Greater efficiency while ensuring security and compliance.
  • Easy management of employee documents.
  • Control document access based on properties.

If you’re interested in leveraging the value of ServiceNow, but aren’t sure where to begin, please feel free to contact us. Our experts at abhra Inc. are experienced ServiceNow implementation partners for all things ServiceNow such as ServiceNow implementations, MSPs, CMDB and modules for GRC, SAM and more.

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