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February 26, 2019
How ServiceNow London is Improving Customer Service Management (CSM) and HR
March 7, 2019

ServiceNow is a state-of-the art cloud platform that provides a streamlined, smarter way to work, building bridges across an entire organization. This interconnection and elimination of silos facilitates greater collaboration and efficiency at all levels. ServiceNow is constantly innovating and improving, with two new releases each year. The London release unveils many exciting new capabilities in ITSM (IT Service Management).

Let’s take a look at some of the ITSM highlights in the London release.

Virtual Agent Provides 24×7 Help Desk

The ServiceNow Virtual Agent gives organizations tremendous power in terms of scalability. They can scale their support without adding more staff. Organizations can provide 24×7 support to employees while reducing support costs – a win-win situation.

An added benefit is that the ServiceNow Virtual Agent functions as a conversational bot platform. It simulates human conversations and interactions that you would have with a live agent. It is easy-to-use with a convenient conversational interface, which is a definite crowd-pleaser for employees who need support for the issues they raise.

While the out of the box version has pre-built conversation flows, it is easy to add more conversations, or modify ones that are in-built. The virtual agent can also seamlessly transition to a human agent in the event of greater complexity. This ensures that employees’ needs are met. It can also update employees on the status of their request, or open a request or incident for the employee. You can also name your virtual agent – whatever name strikes your fancy.

Greater Customer Satisfaction with Walk Up Experience

Organizations can enjoy greater customer satisfaction thanks to a streamlined walk up support process. Typically, an organization’s IT hub struggles to cope with erratic foot traffic that can be very heavy at times, and employees get frustrated when they have to wait 30-40 minutes before they get their turn at the IT hub.

Gartner actually predicted that 50% of enterprises will have the walk-up support channel established by 2018. However, even in organizations that have set up a walk-in IT hub, it is not adequate to employee needs. ServiceNow’s Walk Up Experience bypasses the difficulties described earlier, allowing employees to sign in remotely via the service portal. They can then walk up to the IT hub when it is their turn.

In addition, real-time updates on the queue help employees track their queue position. They also enable IT staff to manage work better, coping with the influx of traffic.

Agent Intelligence Enables Automatic Categorization & Routing of Incidents and Requests

Once an employee raises an incident, ServiceNow Agent Intelligence utilizes supervised machine learning that automatically categorizes and routes the incident to the right resolution team. Research has shown that this capability can save as much as 12% of the agent’s time. Agent Intelligence adapts to an organization’s processes, learning from its operation data in 6-8 hours. It is ready to roll with categorization and routing right after that. Talk about a short training time.

You don’t need to hire data scientists to implement this new feature of ServiceNow. Anyone who has familiarity building reports in ServiceNow can easily conduct the training with the organization’s data. This overcomes the delays and bottlenecks that can occur due to manual categorization and routing of incidents. Manual delays can lead to further reassignments and delays in incident resolution, and the automation of tasks with Agent Intelligence overcomes these issues.

Continual Service Improvement

ServiceNow provides organizations with a structured and organized way to measure and improve services across an enterprise. This is one of the most important capabilities for an organization as it enables continual service improvement.

It enables a crowdsourcing approach where anyone in the organization can suggest opportunities for improvement. For instance, if the help desk manager suggests an initiative to improve CSAT scores that have gone down, the Improvement Manager will examine his request. This is to better understand the relevant criteria, in this case, the KPIs and Critical Success Factors impacting CSAT scores. After the suggestion is accepted, the Improvement Manager works with the process owners to track the KPIs that have been identified.

The ServiceNow platform has a very rich dashboard that provides a clear in-depth snapshot of the improvement initiatives as they progress. This provides visibility on how the budgets for service improvements have been utilized. Essentially, it provides clear visibility that facilitates ongoing service improvement, which is crucial for any organization.

These are just some of the exciting ITSM capabilities available in the latest London release of ServiceNow. If you’d like a helping hand with your ServiceNow implementation, please feel free to contact us.  Our experts at abhra Inc. are experienced cloud solution providers and are ServiceNow implementation experts including CMDB implementation, MSPs and upgrading existing implementations.

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