Key ITSM Trends for 2019

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Every organization can benefit from an ITSM (IT Service Management) solution that boosts IT productivity. A good ITSM solution can reduce the burden on the service desk, automate IT and business processes for a plethora of business benefits including better service levels, lower costs, compliance and greater efficiency across the entire organization.

Here are some of the ITSM trends to look out for in 2019:

  • AI will play a significant role in ITSM. The AI driven Chatbot mechanisms, in particular have advanced greatly. These AI driven chatbots can manage multiple service requests and enable access across multiple departments driving better collaboration and streamlined processes. The integration of AI use cases in ITSM will help analyse and predict large data quantities in a more efficient way than humans. More complex correlations can be detected by prioritizations.
  • Business Outcomes and Customer Experience will play a major role in ITSM processes. Seamless Customer Experience strategies will be driven by ITSM tools. Mobilizing resources to restore availability will be driven by ITIL framework. Cloud solutions such as ServiceNow provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enabling a service-oriented approach that transforms business and operations. Such values will become expected from ITSM and the consumerized, intuitive approach of ServiceNow’s ITSM is a good example of what is to come.
  • The world’s leading practice framework for managing IT services continues to evolve, and now we have ITIL 4. This will drastically enhance Metrics and Measurements, Organizational Change Pattern and explore possibilities for continual improvement, even in more complex business scenarios. Any business framework has the key aspects of problem, incidence and the need to change. All these aspects are expected to be catered to, in order to match the ITIL 4 Framework. It also aims to reduce the number of process steps and add utility to already existing ones.
  • Integration of technology should completely take over legacy systems and we will see the widespread adoption of centralized, automated and efficiently managed ITSM solutions. Disjointed, inefficient legacy systems will be a thing of the past. Consolidated systems by platforms like ServiceNow for seamless operations across the entire enterprise will spread SaaS in the business space.
  • The security aspect of ITSM is definitely one feature that the pros in the field need to work on as it is one concern getting bigger and bigger every day. Initiatives like GDPR are pushing business houses and Governments to take the security aspect more seriously. Since the ITSM framework doesn’t just stop with IT but expands beyond it to cater to customer experiences, data privacy and protection will be a research and improvement trend in the coming year.

ITSM is a necessity across organizations in various sectors. Among the ITSM solutions available, ServiceNow is a best-in-class offering that is used by more than 4000 organizations worldwide. The cloud platform overcomes ITSM challenges, cutting costs while boosting productivity and efficiency.

If you would like to know more about upcoming ITSM trends and explore ITSM solutions for your business, feel free to contact us. At abhra our expert team includes ServiceNow implementation expertise and helping clients maximize the value of cloud platforms.

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