Selecting an MSP Partner for ServiceNow®

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July 3, 2018
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August 3, 2018

An MSP (Managed Service Provider) for ServiceNow® can provide a range of benefits to your organization. It allows for flexibility, affordability, full control with no stress, and maximum ROI so that you can focus on what you do best, while an expert helping hand takes care of the hard work on the IT front. However, as with any venture, choosing the right partner is essential for success and a good working relationship.

So how do you go about picking the right one from a sea of options claiming to provide the solution you need? Well, certain criteria can help you select the right MSP partner that you can count on for your ServiceNow® requirements.

Responsiveness is crucial if you’re going to be able to count on your MSP partner when a problem pops up or a crisis strikes.

Security that keeps your data safe, system monitoring and a contingency plan should all be included in your MSP partner’s security strategy.

Industry partners and official partnerships bode well for your MSP candidate. However, there are varying levels of partnerships so do take them into consideration.

Relevant expertise and the ability to suggest IT or business process improvements are also major value additions from your MSP partner.

Certifications, skilled resources and future plans for training indicate an MSP partner who stays up to date with the latest technological developments.

Aside from these criteria, transparency and accountability through good governance and reporting will help identify any problems or issues early, and ensure that you have a clear picture of how your MSP partner is running your ServiceNow® instance.

Evaluating your options based on these criteria can help you narrow the field and zone in on the right partner for your organization. The effort to find the right partner is worth it as you will save you problems down the line. With the right MSP partner, you can focus on your business with strong support for your IT and ServiceNow® requirements.

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