ServiceNow London Release – What’s in Store?

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October 26, 2018
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December 4, 2018

ServiceNow is a state-of-the art cloud platform that provides a streamlined, smarter way to work that encompasses an entire organization. It is constantly innovating and improving, with two new releases each year. The London release unveils many exciting new capabilities that can greatly improve ITSM (IT Service Management), ITOM (IT Operations Management), SAM (Software Asset Management) and the daily work experience for employees.

NOW Platform Features:

  • Virtual Agent: A chatbot that assist users through conversations in a messaging style interface. Out-of-the box pre-built conversations are available for ITSM, Customer Service Management and HR Service Delivery. Seamless transfer from bot to a live agent if necessary. Users can build bots (automated agents) and design bot conversations to speed up tasks such as quickly getting information, making decisions and other routine tasks.
  • Flow Designer Enhancements: Build end-to-end codeless flows including sub-flows. Auto-remediation is supported with Event Management and action can be taken based on time series events with MetricBase.
  • IntegrationHub Enhancements:  Support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Active Directory, PowerShell and REST.
  • Actions App for Slack and Microsoft Teams: Share notifications for new records and approve changes within Slack and Microsoft Teams. Apps can be downloaded from the Slack and Microsoft Teams App Stores.
  • Custom URL:  Create custom URLs as a means of branding services and applications provided on the Now Platform.
  • Database Encryption: All instance data at rest is encrypted by a unique Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) key managed by ServiceNow.
  • Actions App for Microsoft & Slack Teams: Approve changes and share notifications for new records within Slack and Microsoft Teams through apps that can be downloaded from the Slack and Microsoft Teams App Stores.


NOW Platform Integration and Usability Enhancements for:

  • Service Portal: Integration with Guided Tour Designer and Automated Testing Framework. It includes a unified search with the option to apply multiple dynamic filters.
  • Agent Intelligence: Japanese, French, German, Spanish, and Dutch added for greater international language support.
  • Guided Tour Designer:Full Service Portal support, new content management convenience features like introduction and conclusion steps, a new tour creation page, and the ability to save a tour in an unpublished state.
  • MetricBase: Integrated with Flow Designer for easy configuration of time series triggers.


IT Service Management (ITSM)

  • Virtual Agent for IT Service Management: Automate repetitive IT agent interactions through a chatbot with pre-built conversation flows. Provide quick and consistent responses to common requests improving the predictability of operations.
  • Agent Workspace: Provides agents with an optimized omni-channel workspace layout that brings together timelines, SLA achievement, key user details, and case activity feed into one view. Improves productivity and helps agents quickly process multiple records by providing contextual help from the knowledge base, service catalog, and social Q&A.
  • Walk-up Experience: Streamlined face-to-face IT support services. Live queue updates allow employees to sign up remotely and walk up to the IT facility in time for their turn. This efficiency leads to less downtime and greater productivity. Provide faster and more predictable services with integrated inventory management and better visibility.
  • Continual Improvement Management:  IT leaders can identify ideas to improve service levels and manage improvement opportunities right from ideation through implementation. Integration with Performance Analytics facilitates alignment of these improvement ideas with corporate goals.


Software Asset Management (SAM)

Many of these features can help with planning annual software budgets and support better optimization of software costs.

  • License Change Projections: A glimpse in to the future – easily calculate the software costs for proposed IT changes before actual implementation.
  • Software Lifecycle Dates: Provides software End of Life date and End of Service Life date for proactive planning and prioritizing of software application upgrades.
  • Citrix Publisher Pack: Discover and reconcile software compliance issues within the Citrix virtual environment.
  • Adobe Cloud License Management: A single interface that enables software license reassignment, subscription control, and cost control of Adobe Creative Cloud, Management Cloud and Document Cloud.

These are just some of the exciting new features available in the latest London release of ServiceNow. If you’d like a helping hand with your ServiceNow implementation, please feel free to contact us.  Our experts at abhra Inc. are experienced cloud solution providers and are ServiceNow implementation experts including CMDB implementation, MSPs and upgrading existing implementations. What new features are you looking forward to leveraging in your ServiceNow implementation?

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