ServiceNow® London Release – What’s New in Software Asset Management (SAM)?

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The London release of ServiceNow® brings us exciting new Software Asset Management (SAM) capabilities. We can look forward to expanded use cases, and new features and capabilities that make management, measurement and optimization of software easier and far more effective. These additions have been developed with consideration of certain prime criteria – the user experience and different options to simplify processes, provide the best support for customers and create more opportunities for success.

Some of the new features in the London release are:

  • License Change Projection
  • On-Premise Content Support
  • Adobe Cloud License Management
  • Citrix Publisher Pack
  • Oracle Publisher Pack Improvements
  • IBM Publisher Pack Improvements
  • Automated Entitlement Import
  • Software Lifecycle Content
  • License Position Report

License Change Projection

Change is a continual fact of the IT environment in any organization. Risk and hardware costs are considered when a change is proposed, but a common shortcoming in SAM practices is that software license costs are overlooked in such cases. This is due the complexity of determining the impact of such a change on license costs. The License Change Projection feature automatically calculates the result of software license costs for some types of changes. It does so natively within the change management process and provides clarity on potential surges in spending from IT change.

On-Premise Content Support

This is a new feature that gives customers with on-premise deployments the ability to deploy Software Asset Management (SAM). In order to participate in the content service, they can opt in to send discovery models that are not fully normalized.

Adobe Cloud License Management

A growing number of software publishers are moving their solutions to the cloud. Imagine a single point of control for cloud license management – that’s exactly what this feature enables. Adobe Cloud License Management enables software managers to conveniently manage their Document Cloud, Creative Cloud and Management Cloud subscriptions from a single point. It aids organisations to be better equipped to control subscription spend and optimize cost. It helps to:

  • Create reports to identify unused or low-usage subscriptions.
  • Import software subscriptions from Adobe.
  • Normalize content and suite definitions.
  • Reconcile subscription data with product install rights.

Citrix Publisher Pack

Industry leaders in app virtualization and giving their customers access to critical software from various locations, Citrix does it all. The challenge created by this flexibility is to manage both application licensing for software installed within a Citrix environment and the users or devices accessing the Citrix environment. This publisher pack provides functionality that helps discover and reconcile these use cases. It can be used to get control of virtual desktop license costs and gain:

  • Insight into license compliance for Citrix licensing.
  • Visibility and compliance views for applications deployed in a Citrix farm.
  • Visibility into trends and compliance information in the Performance Analytics dashboard.

Oracle Publisher Pack Improvements

Database administrators will often activate options without considering licensing implications. Be it licensed or unlicensed, these options can often go unused providing a tremendous optimization opportunity to reduce license costs, potentially amounting to millions of dollars. The new features in this pack:

  • License compliance calculation – VMWare cluster
  • Oracle options usage data collection (in-use vs installed reporting)

IBM Publisher Pack Improvements

The new release now offers enhanced integration capability within the IBM publisher pack so that connection can be established with both ILMT and IBM’s BigFix. The updated IBM publisher pack enables you to integrate and populate one or multiple BigFix inventory instance data to ServiceNow®. It provides content support for IBM normalization and leverages IBM certified tools for compliance purposes. The pack includes a new Effective License Position Dashboard too.

Automated Entitlement Import

This feature automates the process of importing procurement data into the system and hence drastically improves time to value. It also performs critical validations like identification of duplicates to ensure the accuracy of the entered data.

Software Lifecycle Content

General availability and End of Life dates are some of the Software Lifecycle Content that will be provided as part of the Content Library. This helps IT leaders stay updated by identifying risk for software installed throughout an environment with impending support end dates. This is critical information that can be leveraged in Technology Portfolio Management (ITBM) in order to perform IT planning and app rationalization.

License Position Report

This feature now includes enhanced reconciliation output to create a better user experience when moving into and out of records. A more complete view of your license positions is available, all in one place.

These new features entail a significant expansion in SAM capabilities from ServiceNow® that can empower organizations to take control of their IT assets, and better manage and optimize their license spend.

If you’re having trouble with Software Asset Management for your organization and would like a helping hand, please feel free to contact us. Our experts at abhra Inc. are experienced cloud solution providers including SAM solutions.

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