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May 22, 2018
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June 25, 2018

ServiceNow® is a state-of-the art cloud platform that is continually evolving and improving with new capabilities. Typically upgrade versions are released twice a year. The Kingston release just rolled out and while upgrades are not mandatory, if you haven’t upgraded, you’re missing out on exciting new capabilities that improve the way we work. The next stop after Kingston is London and there’s a lot to look forward to in the future release.


Future Releases of ServiceNow®
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Here’s a sneak peek of what you can look forward to in the London release.

Agent Workspace

The Agent Workspace in the London release will make it much easier for service agents to resolve issues and fulfill services in a single environment, instead of switching between multiple applications, systems and chats. The Agent Workspace is akin to a consolidated command center view of issues that need to be resolved. Phone and chat requests can be accessed in the same window and all incidents can be accessed in the same window instead of multiple tabs.

It will initially be available only in the ITSM and CSM modules and will later be extended to some of the other modules. It allows the employee resolving issues (the IT fulfiller) to easily prioritize tickets and resolve them within the single workspace. The Agent Assist feature of the workspace will support employees by automatically searching for and providing relevant documentation for issues raised in each ticket. It essentially provides contextual knowledge discovered in the Catalog, community or knowledge articles.

In short, the Agent Workspace enables IT fulfillers to multi-task and collaborate in a single environment with an experience that is personalized and intuitive. It is also tremendously helpful to remote employees who raise tickets that need to be resolved. The interface is easy to use with a chat-based system and appealing surveys for each experience to gauge the quality of support provided.

Virtual Agent

The Virtual Agent is a chatbot tool that will provide an intelligent interface with a natural language conversational model. Employees who have requests for the service center or IT department can do so in an engaging and intuitive chat format. In many cases, the virtual agent can handle an issue without it being escalated to a human employee. It is estimated that roughly 20% of service requests can be automated with the Virtual Agent. This frees up a great deal of time on both sides of the equation. Employees get their issues resolved faster and IT fulfillers do not have to spend time on routine requests. They have more time to deal with the more complex tickets.

Agent Intelligence in the Agent Workspace and Virtual Agent harnesses the power of AI and has predictive capabilities. It cuts down on resolution time and automation of mundane requests boosts efficiency even more.

Enterprise DevOps

In the London release, Enterprise DevOps will support program planning with the Scaled Agile Framework of ServiceNow®. It will also support integration with Slack and Teams. Future releases of ServiceNow® will extend this feature further into other tools as well as testing phases.

When London is released, this feature will be available to ITSA (IT Service Automation) and ITBM (IT Business Management) customers of ServiceNow®.

We hope you’re as excited for London as we are. ServiceNow® is technology that empowers people and by providing great work experiences it drives true value that can transform organizations.

If you require assistance with upgrades or any other aspects of ServiceNow®, please feel free to contact us. Our experts would love to help you get the best from ServiceNow®.

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