Software Asset Management (SAM) – ServiceNow® to the Rescue

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August 10, 2018
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Software Asset Management (SAM) pertains to the control, management and optimization of software assets and their related expenses in an organization. Many organizations lack a clear system for SAM and try to manage through fragmented manual systems such as updating Excel spreadsheets, hoping that software audits will not impact them adversely. Such systems are inefficient and struggle with certain challenges that crop up in the management of software assets.

Some of the main challenges are:

  • Unwanted noise during discovery
  • Maintaining & managing a changing IT environment
  • Cloud complications
  • Staying audit ready
  • A re-active approach

An integrated system can overcome these challenges. The Software Asset Management module offered by ServiceNow®, a state-of-the-art cloud platform, is one such system. Its unified approach through a single system of action sets it apart from other SAM tools.

It helps take control of IT assets, driving transparency and enabling a pro-active approach to management of these assets. Its automation and real-time view of compliance position and software utilization makes it easy to stay audit-ready and in compliance with contract terms, optimizing IT spending. As software licensing and maintenance expenses can take up nearly a third of IT budgets, it’s no wonder that a good SAM system or strategy is essential to lower IT spending and avoid fines from lack of compliance.

Let’s take a look at how ServiceNow® eases the challenges of Software Asset Management.


ServiceNow® automates the task of discovery and its probes can be easily customized to eliminate irrelevant noise. It creates an accurate single record system in the CMDB (Configuration Management Database) including both on-premise and cloud assets.

Normalization – Content Library

The extensive ServiceNow® content library has powerful capabilities that help automate normalization while ensuring accuracy. It eliminates the need for time-consuming, error-prone manual efforts. Library updates are automated and the library can be supplemented with your own SaaS (Software as a Service) library.

Automated Reconciliation

Staying compliant is made easy by automated periodic reconciliation. Checks can be automatically performed every week or at an interval of your choosing, to monitor software licenses and evaluate compliance position. This ensures an updated and accurate picture of your compliance position with detailed reconciliation results in a user-friendly format.


The remediation options in ServiceNow® SAM empower organizations to rectify situations of non-compliance. It allows users to easily create purchase requests for new software licenses and reclaim unlicensed software installations. The software provides options to revoke specific software for a certain user or device. The fact that many of these remediation options can be automated is an additional advantage.


When employees download and install unauthorized software, it can negatively impact employee productivity and pose a security risk. The blacklisting feature in ServiceNow®’s SAM can discover and identify any unauthorized software (usually gaming applications, music players, etc.) and flag it for removal.


The task of identifying software candidates for reclamation is automated by ServiceNow® based on monitoring of usage data. This saves a great deal of time and optimizes software utilization and spending. Usage metering information can be obtained through integration with Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager or another 3rd-party application.

As you can see the ServiceNow® SAM module eases the challenges of Software Asset Management making it easy to:

  • stay audit-ready and in compliance
  • avoid financial penalties
  • optimize IT utilization
  • lower IT expenses

Why struggle with uncertainty when a better system can simplify and automate SAM?

If you’re having trouble with Software Asset Management for your organization and would like a helping hand, please feel free to contact us.

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