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March 13, 2018
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March 27, 2018
Karthik Basava

“ If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be better than what you are “ – Master Shifu,  (In Kung Fu Panda 3)

“ If we only do what we did yesterday, we will never be anything more than what we were yesterday “ –  Master Karthik, (In his Introspective Philosophy Mode)

Every third management article or technology article you read, the dominant theme that we come  across is Change. Isn’t It ironical then, that literally every other thing in the world  is or has been changing, but not the theme or emphasis of Change in management literature. And it is not unfounded either, because, in spite of this pervasive literature on change, we still continue to be overwhelmed by change, specifically the quantum and the pace of it.

Talking about change,  from the perspective of an IT Manager in a fledgling IT Organization targeting a dynamic and disrupted market, as an enthusiast and an optimist, you see a plethora of opportunities with the ever expanding and explosive disruptive technologies, you can reimagine the way enterprises can and should use IT and more importantly make them do it. Be it Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Voice processing automation, IoT, AI Bots, Block Chains, Big data analytics, drones, 3D printing you only have to think and you can find multiple use cases for enterprises, the opportunities are infinite. And for the individual working in a digital economy, if you have the passion, the zeal, to learn, to adapt, to implement and innovate, the world is yours to captivate, let alone the organization.

We are doing what we are doing today, to earn our bread and butter, which keeps us hale and gives us the strength and power required to do bigger things and achieve more. But we will be doing more, only if we think beyond what we do or take as part of our daily job, i.e. the project or the module or the task assigned to us, only if we have and believe in the vision that we can be something more or something bigger, only if we discuss new ideas and try them out beyond the call of duty.

And this is my small attempt to give out that call to be more, to do more, to think more, to aspire and accomplish more.

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